First let's go for a walk...

and then let's relax together!

Congratulations Sabine:
1. with Leni
3. with Fiona and
2. with Seppel!!!

Puppies in school with Sabine as their coach


Socke with her family

We love children!

New development:
??? Who's on his way?                     "Damn - too short - 
                                                                    I'm still behind the fence."

Why do they think
I'm too big for the sofa?

We've been on holyday

We visited "Socke" - 14.06.08

Gelert Spirit's Aimée and Amazing Grace
better known as "Socke" and "Macie"





Holmes was our big teddy - we miss him.

They loved eachother.

Visitors on a sunday - fun, fun, fun!    



sisterly affection


Don't matter which wheather; we gotta go for a walk!

 quite hot today!


I'll try to get something from the nice visitor....

...maybe they won't see me.


On the 4th of August 2007 the society for the prevention of cruelty to animal of Berchtesgaden

had a info booth on the village fair.

The directorate
 ... and Holmes visited too
and people were curious.


 Merlin is working hard...

...done - Merlin goes on a trip!

... and afterwards yoga to relax.



... and have good night!